Gogo Cabinet


Mission Statement
When we first started in 2005, kitchen cabinets were receiving innovative upgrades and transforming kitchens into modern marvels of science. And we believed cabinets shouldn’t be any different. So we carefully craft each and every one to meet our standards of quality and style, always with an eye towards details and intelligent organization solutions.
We have a wholly-owned factory in China and a sales company in Los Angeles, and a team of skilled designers, we combine our tradition and dedication to craftsmanship with today's innovative technology. From the moment you come to our privately-owned store, we will work side-by-side with you to establish what you want in a cabinetry solution.  
You look for beautiful, affordable cabinetry. We believe we have what you’re looking for.
With hundreds of items in stock, and construction and customizations taking place on site, orders are ready when you are here!
Kitchen functionality and design is ever evolving based on today’s busy and varied lifestyle, Kitchens are also becoming more environmentally friendly.
We believe in making things beautiful, affordable and functional.
Our goal is to provide kitchen and bath cabinets crafted by our dedicated employees with the utmost quality and care!