Gogo Cabinet


Carcasses: Carcasses are made of CARB Phase II certified plywood with wood veneer. There is no formaldehyde added in the process of making our plywood. The carcasses are ¾” plywood on sdies, bottom and top (wall cabinets), and reinforced with framed backing. Our boxes are constructed with dowels, cams and screws. Our cabinet boxes are the steadiest boxes you will find in the market.
Finish: Our doors are multi-step finished with two-part post-catalyzed conversion varnish. We use formaldehyde free, high performance finish conversion varnish that is hard, heat resistant, chemical resistant, and has exceptional non-yellowing characteristics. Conversion varnish is more durable and has a higher elasticity, which allows it to hold up better through wood joint expansion as compared to traditional lacquer. The carcasses are finished UV lacquer, which is durable, environmentally-friendly and free from formaldehyde and hazardous substances. This lacquer is not only kind to the environment but also to the environment at our production facilities. UV lacquer hardens when exposed to ultraviolet light. This makes the lacquer completely harmless and gives an attractive and robust finish that can tolerate even the roughest treatment.
Drawer box: The drawer box is constructed of solid wood with a clear finish and are connected with tight dovetail joints.
Shelving: One full length Adjustable shelf comes with every 30” tall wall cabinets. Two shelves come with 36” tall wall cabinets and three come with 42” tall cabinets. Half length adjustable shelving comes with every base cabinet. Shelves are made of ¾” plywood and finished front and back.
Toe kick: Every base cabinet comes with ¾” toe kick that is finished both ends. 96” x 4 ½” x 5mm toe kicks are available as well.
Slides: Under mounted, full extension, soft closing slides are used in Lexington, Toscana, Madison, Hampton, Camden, Rockport, and Boardwalk. Side mounted full extension slides are used in Prestige.
Hinges: 6-way adjustable, concealed, 110 degree soft closing hinges, Soft closing hinges are not available for special cabinets such as lazy susans and diagonal corner cabinets. 

Shaker Style

Classic Shaker-inspired kitchens never seem to go out of style, Shaker kitchen cabinets are an ideal choice for those who love contemporary minimalism. The detailing is a key characteristic of Shaker style, which focuses on clean lines, craftsmanship and functionality. We now have 3 door styles on hand stock. 
Modern Style Door Finishes

Antique Style Cabinets

To combine modern and traditional elements that makes our antique style cabinets influential looks, from cabinet design to colors, materials to textures, our capable craftsmen and designers make our antique style cabinets unique and beautiful. Now we have 2 door styles to ensure you end up with the exact cabinets you imagined.
Antique Style Door Finishes

Custom Made

The sky is the limit for custom made cabinets. From kitchens to bathrooms to home theaters, home offices and studies, we can create cabinets in any size, material or style according to exactly what you visualize. We work with many different materials and types of wood, and we will customize the height, width, depth, style and finish you'd like. The result is a masterpiece you can call your own! 
Contemporary Design Door